Edith Alonso   
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Photo: Almudena Villar
                   On the album Límite (2017)

THE WIRE, UK, (Issue #406, December 2017)

"Límite was recorded live in Madrid in early 2017 and consists of one long track performed by Spanish electroacoustic composer Edith Alonso and released through Chicago based netlabel Pan Y Rosas. Prepared electric bass and synthesizers click and grind through a dense, churning underworld, building to a stuttering climax destined to delight harsh noise enthusiasts. Then the sounds begin to break apart, clattering like a spun out motor, evoking the widening gyre of some apocalyptic storm. By the end, we are left with the disembodied frequencies of a human voice, percussive and spare, popping in and out of being."

Photo: Marco Caccialupi
                     On the album Collapse(2016)

 The WIRE, UK, (Issue #393, November 2016)

 "Je suis perdue", proclaims writing on a wall in one of George Zahariou's photographs on the cover of Collapse. Nearby in the same image "madness" is scrawled above a boxed-in drawing of a receding spiral. Architectural dereliction and psychological turmoil coincide in the visual artwork, and Edith Alonso's four-part composition for prepared electric bass mirrors that combination with sinister subterranean murmurs, spooky rumbling, ominous rustling and alien chatter. Recorded in Zaragoza in May 2014, Collapse has acoustic depth and expressive breadth far beyond the limits its basic instrumentation might suggest. Alonso starts with the bass guitar as a physical resource but her music has the intensity and imaginative scope that transcend the well-worn cliches of dark ambience and low end atmospherics. Irreconcilable tensions spread through its stratified soundscapes; menacing faultlines open up as layers slide and clash. An engrossing study in physical and psychic disintegration".         

http://grisli.canalblog.com/archives/2016/09/09/34298453.html by Guillaume Belhomme
http://skug.at/article8458.htm  by Curt Cuisine

On the album Le jazz non plus (2015):


On La aurora que surgía de las colinas (2015)
     Diario de Teruel (Spain), 01/05/2015 by F.J.M.
"..donde la memoria se funde con el arte y la poesía"

Gefle Dagblad (Sweden), 11/03/2012 by Camilla Dal 
"..Antony Maubert Edith Alonso & Olle Oljud improvised outright nasty and deafening mixed with humor and beautiful sounds, wish I got to lie down comfortably and simply swept away

La Provincia (Mexico), 16/04/2010 by La Provincia
"Buscan sonidos primigenios" an interview

Diario El Levante (Spain), 26/10/2007 by JJG Roy
"..We could enjoy works like the delicate and wonderful Presagios (Edith Alonso), a piece that filled the room, a huge and unusual sensitivity in electro-acoustics. Also noteworthy was Ce Qui Fait Aura Notre Solitude (Antony Maubert) where the author shows a deep understanding of the tools used and security in one's own creativity. Not only was one of the best auditions we attend the Festival XIV Meeting Point, but opened important doors to what may be thefuture of music and acousmatic mixed. The generational change is a reality".